Guest blogger- talking about legalism part one

Legalism Morality and the Law

God is a god of law. Indeed, law is essential to human civilization. Those who live their lives  under obedience to God posses great esteem even love for the law. In the book of Psalms David stated repeatedly that he loved Gods’ laws. (Psalms 119:47,48,97,113,119,127,159,163,165,167).  He expressed  “delight” in Gods laws. ( Psalm 119:16,24,35,47,70,77,92,143,174 even insisting “I long for they precepts”. Paul decried those who lack love of the truth (2 Thessalonians  2:10).  It should be noted that each society that has disdained law or recklessly enjoined laws that have conflicted with Gods laws, that nation experiences social  chaos , destruction and eventual collapse.  However now conformity to law and doctrine  is now considered “legalism”.  Christianity suffer from the same lack of authority as liberal society does for law.  Once homosexuality was condemned in accordance to the bible, now  homosexuals are being installed as church leaders.  The simple  worship practices set in the New Testament  are exchanged for  practices that cater to the fleshly desires  of the worshipper- from communion for pets to the praise teams  and rock and roll music (Miller, 2008).

Lets examine what the proper definition of legalism is.  True legalism is excessive and improper use of the law.  Legalism can take many forms.  First is where a person attempts to keep the law in order to attain  salvation.   The second is where a person keeps the law in order to maintain salvation.  Third  is when a Christian  criticizes another Christian for not  observing certain codes of conduct that he  believes needs to be kept.


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