The fall

It was Thursday which meant that is was the day I would talk to my biblical counselor.  I always look forward to my conversations with her.  She allows the Holy-spirit to lead our sessions.  It was nearing nine am I briefly went into the office to turn my laptop on ,as I always do every morning.  With one misstep I could feel my littlest toe stuck smack dab in the middle of my daughters little people car wash toy. With slight panic and without thinking I yelled I’m stuck.  My loving daughter ran to my aid.

I told her don’t move the toy, I’m stuck.  After a few moments I was able to dislodge my toe. The next thing I knew was I had fallen with great force flat onto my back. My breathing was laboured.  The phone rang my daughter handed it to me. Thankfully it was my counselor whom I’m sure didn’t know what to think, as I took a minute to even be able to utter anything out of my mouth.

The majority of our call was spent calming me down from my traumatic fall.  For the rest of the day I rested.  A week later my pain level was worsening.  That is when I decided a trip to the doctor was necessary.  After having x-rays it was confirmed , I  have a  compression fracture to the lumbar vertebrae of my spine.  The doctor told me he was referring me to a spine doctor in a nearby town.

My fall made me realize how fast life can change in a split second . Things that I normally wouldn’t even have to think twice about doing, have now became a struggle!  Although the fall was painful, I know and trust that all things work together for the good of those who follow Jesus!  I don’t believe that my loving Jesus made me fall.  Yet I do believe he let me fall.  He didn’t let me fall to be mean.  I feel he like any other parent needed my attention.  I like many children was simply not listening to him.  Excuses were abundant in my life.  With many of the excuses being not relevant right now in my life Jesus has my attention.  No longer is accomplishment of daily things a road block . I have to rest in who I am in him.

Most of my life has been spent measuring my worth by my accomplishments.  I had to be taken to a place where I could be  still, to see his mighty love for me. A love  that doesn’t depend on a clean house or organized cabinets.  My journey has taken an unexpected turn.  Despite  the various challenges present with my spine injury, I’m excited to see what Jesus reveals to me during this season of stillness in my life!

6 thoughts on “The fall

  1. I”m proud that you can find a moment of stillness in the confusion. I’m a person who…well, I can’t find stillness in anything. I don’t like stillness. I know you as well are a go go go person. Know you have a friend, who prays for you and loves you!

  2. Hey Amanda,
    I saw your post on Beth Moore’s blog and answered it. I am so sorry that you have hurt your back. I UNDERSTAND. Buy an extended arm grabber. It can help you pick up things from the floor. I have also used mine to get clothes out the washing machine into the dryer. I use it to drag my basket to the laundry room. I could not live without mine. I know you are experiencing pain, to which I say I am so sorry. It is very easy to get discouraged when pain is ever present. Please keep me posted on how I can pray for you. I would appreciate your prayers for my back too. 🙂

    Lorie Harris

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