Conquering perfectionism

Last Thursday I fell and sustained a compression fracture to my spine. My DR gave me strict orders to not bend, lift or pick up anything off the floor.   Rewind to earlier in the week as I was reading a friends blog on the subject of you guessed it , perfectionism.  I had enthusiastically announced in the comments that I was looking forward to conquering perfectionism along with her!

Shortly after commenting on the post , my life went back to normal.  Life was sailing along smoothly . Routine was settling in I was staying caught up on doing my dishes and laundry. The usual daily complaints were made about how little time I had and how much-needed to always be done!  Out of nowhere came the fall that changed my perspective on numerous things , including my issues with perfectionism.

My motto used to be  If I cant do it myself I am a failure . The motto was mainly set aside for the purposes of house work and household management!   I have had to rely on my husband to do dishes, laundry and cooking.  All things which are prevented by my injury.  I am very grateful for my husband and daughter who have had great servants hearts towards me.  I am the one who has had to let go of the fact that dishes will lay in the sink long after a meal. No worries we are now using paper plates.

Before my injury, I thought that if the house was not perfect shape then nothing else could be done until it was! As you may have guessed, I didn’t participate in many fun things! My perfectionism was holding me back in all areas of my life. My days are now spent resting and spending time with my daughter and husband. My plans are to make relationship over perfectionism my priority! My days are spent resting in the presence of our saviour, who was begging for my heart before. He was crowded out by business and perfectionism.  Daily I’m learning to make Jesus and my family priority over organization and housework!


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