Conversation with Jesus

Stand  in awe and amazement at me. Gain reverence for me . You are lacking the deep desire and longing  for me.  Seek me with all your heart and you shall find me.

I don’t want crumbs of your day.  Nor do I want the leftovers of your day.  I want your first fruits of the day.  Stop looking to others.

I am more than enough. My child I will not beg you.  I know you feel the tug of the Holy spirit.

Listen to the gentle whisperings that it pours into your heart and soul.  Be still let me fill you with  my love.  So that we may know each other deeper each moment.

Stop filling your day with so much busyness of your mind.  Focus on one matter at a time.  Dont be idle in your day.  Idleness breeds discontentment, Which in turn gives birth to sin !

Set your focus on me , without straying to the left or right.  Narrow is the path.  Stay on the path.  You will not be led astray.  I will lead you where many will attempt to go and few will enter.

We are not to conform to the likeness of this world.  I give you a free will. There are two choices, Me or the world?  The world which will waste away in to nothing,or eternity which is beautiful beyond comprehension!

4 thoughts on “Conversation with Jesus

  1. Lovely and inspiring post Amanda! Agree with all of it except about “Idleness breeds discontentment, Which in turn gives birth to sin !”

  2. Idleness is necessary and balances the “business” of modern life. During idle times we could reunite with our soul, God, and creativity. Empty our minds from worries, connect to the creative center of our soul, process what we have learned, and do nothing else than be. Most of the inventions and wisdom of great men came out of idleness. Now if one use idle time away from God, then, I guess it brings one to sin.

    Think about it.

    • I was only speaking of what God was telling me everyone has different idleness. I didnt mean the idleness Jesus was speaking about was universal. I believe Jesus speaks to us all separately in our quiet time.

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