Update on my project declutter my heart and home

Project declutter my heart and home is still under construction.  When I  visualized this project I assumed it would move at a more accelerated pace.  To my at times dismay and  amazement, I have discovered  more layers to the project than I had initially anticipated.  When Jesus laid it upon my heart to work on baby steps, I will admit it made me less than happy.  I was wanting this new stage in my life to move along at lightning speed along with being perfect and clear-cut.  Seems when I don’t consult with Jesus first my plans don’t always match his.

He knows what is beneficial to me .  My stubborn flesh wants to take the quickest shortcut to the finish plate, while still learning all the much-needed lessons along the way!  News flash to self that does not work .  As I declutter my home I have also had to declutter my heart.  I have places of unforgiveness in my heart to lay at the foot of the cross . Un forgiveness  no longer serves a purpose for me, other than keeping me in bondage to the one whom I am harbouring resentment and unforgiveness toward.

A friend of mine describes our issues in life as boxes that must be opened one at a time. After opening the box and dealing with the  matter at hand then the box must be closed.  My boxes are all open with their lids removed.  Not a box  is in sight with its lid put back into place.   I’m replacing the lids,while only leaving one box without its lid! This box is labelled unforgiveness.  As I move on with my project I need many prayers as this is not an easy box .  It weighs alot.   Do you have a box that is weighing on your heart?  Jesus is ready to help you unpack your box .  If there is anything I can pray for you about just message me or leave a comment below!

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