If you dont stop on your own your health will stop you !

My life has been so busy lately.  I found myself not being able to finish or concentrate on anything. Are you familiar with the expression  burning the candle at both ends? That expression is exactly how I was feeling, as if I was burning the candle at both ends, with no rest in sight! My mind felt as if it were  in a deep smoky fog, so dense that I could not even see my own hand in front of my face.  I knew something had to give.  After spending a few moments pondering  on what I thought I could give up, I came to the conclusion without consulting God that nothing could give ,everything  in my life had to stay! That is where I made my first mistake.  Of course something needed to give ,who was I kidding.  I could not think or finish one task on my treacherous to do list . The super mom cape needed its strings cut.  I was not about to be the one who  cut them.   Guess what I didn’t have to cut them.  My Daddy Jesus cut them for me today. Around noon I started feeling really weird shaky and dizzy . Normally at 1pm the child I do childcare for arrives.  I knew with the room spinning, that I would not be capable of caring for a two-year old.  I called and regretfully told the father of the child, I cannot sit for you today. I am not feeling well.  Once again I tried to pick up my cape and proceed to get things done. Clearly with the room spinning this was not going to happen.   That is when I realized that I was not meant to work today .  With dizziness rest was happening whether I wanted it or not.  I chose to talk to Daddy Jesus about this rest thing and the dizziness. This day that I had chosen for another busy day, was altered by my health deciding that  it was time to spend some time in prayer and conversation with papa Jesus. Tomorrow   I will post what was spoken to me while I was in prayer and resting.  Until tomorrow I am resting without having to be pulled down by dizziness .  The lesson I learned today ,the hard way was, I will either stop on my own or my health will stop me  and  it will not send and invite first!

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