A new twist to my unpiling my heart and home project

Fill in the blank , I would be happy if___________!  What was your response? Tonight I read this very question and the answer gave me one of those aha moments , you know  the ones where you feel like a light bulb was  turned on in your head! The answer to the blank is God .  If in some manner God was not the answer ,then whatever your response was to the question then that is what you idolize over God.  Wow did that hit me like a ton of bricks.  My response to the question was I would be happy if my home was cleaner and more organized.  That is when  it hit me that I have been more hyper-focused on the state of my home rather than the state of my heart and ultimately my relationship with Jesus! As I become more aware of this issue, I can’t shove it back under the rug or dismiss the idea as if  it were  never there.  This is the moment when the new totally unexpected twist to my original project of unpiling my heart and home began.  My project is taking a totally new perspective, than I had originally started  with. The new project of unpiling my house and home is one of a great purpose.  Now I am unpiling to make room for Jesus in my heart and home.  Things in my heart that leave little space for Jesus, will have to be discarded.  Same principle with my home items and activities that leave little room for my saviour will have to be tossed .

3 thoughts on “A new twist to my unpiling my heart and home project

  1. There was a time when I was ‘more right’ with God. I would pick up trash while walking around the church on Wednesdays, or when walking down the road with a friend. Everyone asked me, “Why?” And the answer was, “I don’t want Him coming home to a mess.”

    I need to keep that mentality in life and just live it, so others can see Him in me.

  2. At a Time when every thing and every corner seems so full of mess and dis-order, feeling so overwhelmed, like I can’t address one more idem, sucked dry with all that I must do, fix, people to listen to , help…. that I feel like I’m in a dark room with no windows or doors and all alone and bitter… my sister suggested that I read the blog. Thank you for your gift of sharing in words that broke my heart to the never ending love of our patient Father God. Some how I fell back into the Me handling and being responsible for every thing…. putting off my quite time, prayer time,forgot to ask him for help and stopped spending that special Father-Daughter time, lost my peace, that wonderful calm that comes from resting in Our Father { Daddy/Papa} ….. You posts have opened my eyes to the anger and resentment, and un- forgiveness in my heart. The ” Piles” I’ll give to him and follow his lead ….removing piles…. and being Filled with his loving presents in their place. God Bless you always

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