Fathers love letter

Yesterday as I was fasting my morning internet to get closer to Jesus , he spoke to me ! Here is what he said :  I love you my precious beautiful daughter. Please stop seeking validation and self-worth from others.  I am more than enough for you.  It’s okay for you to embrace my love.  I  am the one who gave my life and shed my blood for you.  Let my tenderness, mercy , grace and love snuggle you like a blanket. Relax lean into me. I want to be your all. Let me be the one you go to when you are facing trials and difficulties.Stop seeking the worlds face. Replace your desire for   seeking the world with genuine passionate desire for my face! When you wake in the morning I want to be in your first thoughts and desires.  Make me your all.  Let me be enough. Turn from your wicked selfish ways.  Walk beside me. Hold my hand, can’t you feel it reaching for you.  Sh sh my child let the chatter of your mind evaporate.  Be still ,do you feel the peace surrounding you like a cocoon? Embrace the gentleness of my touch.  It’s really for you.  Let go of your past hurts.  Give them all to me.  Surrender your life to me .  Let me turn your darkness to light. You  cannot hide anything from me.  I see all of your thoughts . Renew your mind with my word daily.  I  will not leave nor forsake you. Though others may give up on you, I  will not.  Turn from seeking a worldly hand, which may fail you to my hand which will never fail you !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

3 thoughts on “Fathers love letter

  1. What I love about the lord is he gives us GREAT love letters from himself. Since I was 16 I have written on Genesis 1:1 Dear Tami,

    And at the end of Revelation I write, Love your heavenly father, your Abba Father.

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