Project Un-Pile my heart and home

The dictionary defines un piling as the act of disentangling or taking from a pile.  I have decided to embark upon this project to un pile my heart and home, in order to bring more clarification  to my life.  I have always been a firm believer that what is on the outside is a reflection of my heart. Upon examining my heart and home, I  became aware of the similarities  in both. I think of my heart as having several different rooms that all flow into one big  area , each affecting the other in some way. In comparison to my heart when my home lies in shambles , each room flows into the other without any separation of purpose for them.  In all honesty although it is somewhat embarrassing to admit my home and heart are laying in piles . I have tried to think of a better word to describe them. Each time I came back to the word piles.  Although  piles  is   an unlovely and definitely  is  not a  brilliant  sounding word , it’s the one which fits .  In the past when I  would attempt to find some order in my home an overwhelming feeling of despair came over me and I always gave up before I really even started.  Oddly enough using word piles sums it up for me and makes it an easier and less daunting project.  I’m recovering my heart and home one pile at a time!

4 thoughts on “Project Un-Pile my heart and home

  1. What I do for home when there are piles is to have a few tubs (toy tubs, old storage totes, etc.) and fill them with piles that belong in each room.

    I can feel where pilling things in your heart in the same way might be useful. When I start working on something and walk away to do that, I find another area that needs work. So what I started on never gets finished, and I always feel let down.

    ❤ ya girlie

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