Jesus wants to be more than just first aid

I learned a valuable lesson from my daughter, as I most often do.  Early this morning we were standing at her bus stop and I asked her like I routinely do” Carlee do you want me to pray for you?” Her response really made me start thinking about my approach to Jesus. Carlee replied” not today nothing is wrong. ”  Wow  I thought I have been only praying and asking for him to protect her from illness and harm.  Jesus is so much more than just a band-aid to our problems or potential problems.  My prayers will now include thanking Jesus for everything , praising him for being our wonderful saviour with added in requests like health . No longer will I pray my simple Dear Jesus please place a hedge of protection around my daughter from sickness and harm , the prayer needs to be so much more .  I am very appreciative for this small moment, that made a huge difference in my prayer life.  Little hearts never cease to amaze me in their ability to teach huge life lessons!

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