Faith like a child

When I became a mom , I thought  I would teach my child lots of lessons on life. While this has been true . I found that I learn most likely more from her ,than I ever possibly could have imagined.  I learned a valuable lesson on faith today.  After eating more than my share of Thanksgiving dinner, I was ready to just veg and relax.  My daughter had other plans.  With tons of energy to spar,e she wanted to take a walk with the dog and I .  After listening to her bounce around the house with her endless supply of energy , I agreed to take a walk with her and our dog.  My daughter and our dog were both equally eager for the walk.  After a few moments of walking I thought well this wasn’t a bad idea after all.  After  letting me walk the dog for a while, Carlee wanted a turn in walking our dog.  While  Carlee tried to take the lead with the leash , Mocha our dog kept looking to me as she often does.  For some reason Mocha  will not walk if  I’m not right beside her .  Carlee  had been trying to get Mocha to run with her.  I trailed a few steps behind, when Mocha kept looking back.  Carlee innocently said without realizing the wisdom of her own words ,” Mocha don’t worry mom will always be behind us .”  In that moment I thought wow , she has alot of faith and trust  in me. It made me feel great to know that my child feels secure enough in me to be able to run ahead without looking back, because she has faith that I will be there behind her all the way.  I want faith like that in Jesus  where  I can run ahead without looking back ,because I trust he is behind me all the way. A bible verse comes to mind  when I think about child like faith. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God  like a little child will never enter it .  Mark 10:15.

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