Tonights Reflection

My daughter and I enjoy playing Nintendo together.  It’s  a joy to play with her to watch her think I’m the greatest player. I love that she thinks I’m the best and most wonderful Nintendo player. While watching me play she comments mom you are really good at this.  We as Christians need to have this awe and enthusiasm for Jesus.  He is the greatest !  Jesus deserves for us to come to him like little children in awe of his greatness in all he does.  As my daughter gets older I am prepared to not be the greatest in her eyes. With that being said we cannot let time pass when we don’t let our saviour know he is the king on high and most valuable praised saviour in our lives.  Another reflection I made while playing Donkey Kong was that we can’t get too self-absorbed in our walk with God.   As I was playing I was thinking I have this game figured out so I started getting way over-confident and a character jumped on me. My character died from my over-confident actions of thinking I have this beat and figured out.  I believe this happens or can happen in our walk with Christ.  Things are going along smoothly and self kicks in and we get overly confident and Satan is able to sneak up and attack when we were self absorbent.  I’m not saying we can’t relax and know we are taken care of.  I’m saying we have to remember who we are confident in and who is in control of our lives . Each day we must remain on guard and in constant fellowship with our saviour.  Satan is sneaky and will relish at a chance to sneak in and devour a person when they get over-confident in self and look away from Christ!

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